Port Zero is currently composed by a team of 10 IT Experts and supported by a wide net of partners and freelancers. Here you can meet some of the central personalities at Port Zero.


Michael Prinzinger

Founder and CEO of Port Zero. After graduating university with a degree in Computer Science, he realized that his skills could best be utilized building a team of amazing people and providing them with tasks and challenges. He has a background of strong communication, which he uses to his advantage, ensuring the company and especially the contact with clients runs smoothly. When doing business, his goal is always to establish sustainable and longlasting win-win situations for his clients and for Port Zero, while fostering positive and enriching cooperation.

Development & Operations

Jonas Becker

oversees the Provider Division at Port Zero which unifies Programming, Administration and Project Management. He carries out projects with precision, and, by now, even great international projects have become routine. His specialties include conceptual design and occasional training sessions. Since beginning at Port Zero, he has been appointed leader of a small team and is building his Management skills.

Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung

Myriam Utz

advises Port Zero in accounting. She is the management assistant for research and responsible for all matters organisational at the company.

Development & Operations

Ricardo Band

likes to take care of software from start to end, from architecture and development to administration and maintenance. His favorite programming language is Python, and he likes to automate things with Ansible. On the side, he likes to get lost in networks and tinkers with all kinds of small computers.

Security Consultant

Sebastian Götte

is soon to be a Master of Computer Science. He handles embedded programming and IT Security as a profession, in his studies and for leisure. Sebastian has skills ranging from circuit board layout to application development.

Senior System Engineer

Veit Heller

has extensive programming experience in web-based applications and tools on every layer of the Stack - ranging from monitoring tools for router servers to modern reactive websites. Alongside his activities by Port Zero, he is also very active in the open source scene.

System Engineer

David Weber

feels at home in the Linux Shell. He manages servers and automates them with Ansible. On the side, he is interested in (radio)networks and tinkering with hardware. He enjoys programming in Python and is learning Rust.

Senior System Engineer

Matthias Hannig

supervises software systems from scratch to implementation. He tries to find the best solutions for a problem in a creative manner. Matthias feels at home on any level of the stack.

System Engineer

Thomas Karmann

has been investigating UNIX-oid Operating Systems for a fairly long time now and is happy to be able to contribute his skills in administration, scripting and automation to the Port Zero ISP team. He also develops system and application software in C/C++ and Python.