Photo of Michael Prinzinger

Michael Prinzinger


Founder and CEO of Port Zero. After graduating university with a degree in Computer Science, he realized that his skills could best be utilized building a team of amazing people and helping them find interesting tasks and challenges. He has a strong background in communication which he uses to his advantage, ensuring the company and especially the contact with clients runs smoothly. When doing business, his goal is always to establish sustainable and longlasting win-win situations for his clients and for Port Zero, while fostering positive and enriching cooperation.

Photo of Akendo


Security Team Lead

specializes in IT security. He has a background in Linux and cloud administration and experience with penetration testing and forensics. Akendo also has a keen interest in data privacy and enjoys playing Capture the Flag in his free time. He is currently studying Computer Engineering.

Photo of Dhananjay Balan

Dhananjay Balan

Software Team Lead

is the Software Team Lead at Port Zero. In past roles he has built a web scraping and data processing platform for a search engine, dissect smartphones to map out corresponding patents and helped scale a web telephony SaaS. His interests include functional programming, cryptography and FreeBSD. Dhananjay preferes to spent time either procastinating on the internet or reading books.

Photo of Jonas Becker

Jonas Becker

Integration Team Lead

oversees the Provider Division at Port Zero which combines programming, administration and project management. He carries out projects with precision, and, at this point, even great international projects have become routine. His specialties include conceptual design and occasional training sessions. Since starting at Port Zero, he has been appointed leader of a small team and is building his management skills.

Photo of Alissa Gerhard

Alissa Gerhard

System Engineer

is a Python developer who specializes in computer networks. She enjoys developing distributed software architectures and implementing them in an agile and creative manner, while still keeping them organized and easily extendable. She works on any level of the software stack, and reads into new frameworks where needed. Currently she is focusing on exhaustive green field setups, and guiding her customers along this road. Her other work includes upgrading leagacy infrastructure and feature extensions of existing setups.

Photo of Artur Andretta

Artur Andretta

Data Privacy Consultant

Artur is both certified and responsible for data privacy at Port Zero. In accordance with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz and European General Data Protection Regulation, Artur offers his expertise and consulting to all of Port Zero’s clients.

Photo of Dominik Köhler

Dominik Köhler

Security Consultant

specializes in the field of IT security, especially in the topic of applied security. This topic combines economic aspects crucial to understand attackers and choose the best defense strategy, with the technological aspects of investigating and experimenting with the new class of threats and vulnerabilities. The master from EIT Digital at the University of Rennes, KTH and Trento gave him an inspiring experience into the workings of international teams and combinations of different fields of work, which he now applies to help his customers.

Photo of Laura Hausmann

Laura Hausmann

System Administrator

is a systems and network engineer who is taking care of internal system administration. She enjoys architechting large networks and keeping the infrastructure running as reliably as possible.

Photo of Tobias Brosge

Tobias Brosge

Software Engineer

is an experienced full stack developer who knows his way best around the front end. He currently swears by clean, modular components in React and Redux, but always tries to keep a close eye on all the current trends.

Photo of Westley Hennigh-Palermo

Westley Hennigh-Palermo

Software Engineer

is a full stack developer with a keen interest in security engineering. He has worked in a variety of roles and fields – including supporting journalists by building tools for securely handling documents; architecting platforms for visualization and simulation; and helping to create independent games.

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And you?

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