Allow us to introduce some of our clients:


World Market Leader in Device Management for Internet Service Providers

We are the main partners for system integrations of the Axiros Management System in the DACH area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). We have implemented and managed the system for over 60 Internet Service Providers.


European Commercial Internet Exchange

Together with ecix we developed in-house solutions for Client and Resource Management and Monitoring, as well as an open-source Looking Glass system.


Radiology as a Service

At medneo, we help build a secure, stable infrastructure, enforcing a separation of concerns and helping build meaningful monitoring. We also help in keeping them up to date in all matters GDPR.


Germany's leading iPad-billing system for gastronomy

At Orderbird we take care of Data Privacy and Security in Operations, Infrastructure and Development.


Booking system for restaurants

At Resmio, we were responsible for the development and supervision of the backend in code and operations.


Highlight the core concepts from textbooks in a 15-minute audio-visual summary.

At Blinkist, we perform penetration tests and provide IT Security advice for the Blinkist App and on the website.


Leading international Payment Service Provider

We advise Computop in IT security and conduct penetrations tests.


Coal manufacturing for electric motors

We aid the family business in supporting their historically-grown IT Infrastructure.


Port Zero cooperates with some outstanding companies.

cybernetic solutions

Software Services

Cybernetic Solutions is an IT Service Provider from Nuremberg with whom we have worked on several successful projects together at our client Axiros.