Software Engineering Crew Lead

Port Zero is a small, privately owned and self-financed consulting company with about 15 employees. Port Zero supports other companies in the areas of software development, IT security and infrastructure. We think outside the box and want to achieve great results together with our customers in all areas. This means we build sustainable structures and processes so that our customer also benefits in the long run from the cooperation. We achieve this through a dual role as consultant and implementer, and by focusing on communication and building understanding of the situation on site.

Port Zero is looking for a Team lead for our Software Engineering Crew.

As a crew lead, you help the software team succeed by taking part in the technical decision making, taking care of your colleagues, planning new projects with customers, and doing hands-on software development and security work.

You’re excited about:

  1. Listening to your colleagues, finding out what they need to be happy and productive.
  2. Helping clients figure out their needs and discovering ways how to get there.
  3. Hands on software development and mentoring others.
  4. Helping to create an environment that makes you excited to go to work every day.

You would join a team with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of expertise, and help highly skilled and motivated employees deliver great results.

Nice for you to have:

  1. Experience leading teams in a variety of contexts.
  2. A broad but deep technical expertise that informs all your decisions and helps you help our clients.
  3. The willingness to learn and grow with the challenges of leadership.
  4. Worked with technologies we rely on in many projects, such as Go, Python, and JavaScript, and you are interested in learning about exotic tools like Smalltalk and Haskell.

What you can expect:

  1. A team of motivated professionals supporting each other.
  2. Lots of opportunity for active participation from everyone. We like to listen!
    • Challenges requiring collaborative solutions.
    • A chance to shape a company that is growing organically.

Why join us?

You want to work with us? Then send us your CV and a short text explaining why you want to work with us to

Photos and age are not necessary to include.