Student Employee — Linux System Administrator

We are a small, independent IT company that develops and operates software systems with a focus on security and stability.

We are currently looking for someone to join our team as a student employee to help manage our internal services. These services run on Linux. You should already have some experience working with Linux and administrating servers, and you will be able to deepen your understanding of those with us.

We manage our services through the command line. That means that you should already have some experience working with command lines—especially in UNIX systems—, and you’re interested in learning about the whole lifecycle of a service deployment.

Job profile:

Your role:

You will work in a small and effective team, supporting them by deploying and maintaing all kinds of internal services. You’ll also be able to pair with the rest of the team on client projects, and pick up different toolchains, stacks, and programming languages in the process!

What you can expect:

Do you want to work with us? Then send us your résumé and a little bit about yourself to If you’d like to show us your Github profile or other projects you’ve worked on, feel free to pass those along too! Photo and DOB not necessary.