Backend Developer - CMS

We are a small, independent IT company that develops and operates software systems with a focus on security and stability.

We are currently looking for someone to join our team to develop a new CMS for one of our clients. You will join an existing team and support them in backend development.

We’re hoping to find somebody with backend experience in technologies and languages such as (but not limited to) Ruby, Python, Elixir, Postgresql and Oauth. Knowledge of API design and experience with performance, security, testing and development would also be great to bring with you.

Job profile:

Your role:

You will work in a small and effective team to design a CMS tailored to our client’s specifications. Your work will be focused primarily on backend development, wherein you’ll integrate databases and build new ones, utilizing pre-existing APIs. Together with your team, you’ll create a productive dev environment encompassing versioning, testing and sprints.

What you can expect:

Do you want to work with us? Then send us your résumé and a little bit about yourself to If you’d like to show us your Github profile or other projects you’ve worked on, feel free to pass those along too! Photo and DOB not necessary.