System Integration

We offer System Integration for Linux based infrastructure with a focus on digitization and automation. Modernizing legacy infrastructure, integrating (manual) workflows and connecting your systems without vendor locking. By always supporting open-source solutions we improve maintainability as well as security.

Monitoring Systems

We have extensive knowledge about setting up and integrating monitoring systems for your existing or new infrastructure.

Integrating Systems

We know you’ve got a cronjob that is running a PHP CSV parser that pushes data directly into another system’s database somewhere in your infrastructure. We can help!

Administrating Systems

We will also help you with the administration of your existing infrastructure. For example:

Breadth & Depth of Technical Expertise

We have worked extensively in the following areas, with a multitude of underlying technologies: Green-field Setups, Maintenance, Feature Extension, Migration, Upgrades, Debugging, Incident Response, Performance Optimizations, HA/Redundant Setups/Recovery, Backups, Automation, System Integration, and Training.

Our Way

We champion Open Source internally at Port Zero and in our work. We understand ourselves as DevOps, approaching problems and solutions directly in a real-world environment, to bridge between system administration and software development and find the best integration between the two.