Software Development

Our competences span the whole software life-cycle, from requirements collection to implementation detail, the full-stack, security, and automation.

Featrued Product - Privacy Conscious Website

You Don’t Have To Compromise

If you want to respect privacy without compromising on features and functionality, then our privacy conscious site might be for you. It is self-contained: it does not use 3rd parties, but does not compromise on other aspects such as analytics. It is a synthesis of open-source components for privacy and -of course- a site crafted for you.

Take a look at the polypoly site:

What it offers:

On the technical side:

Services - Development with a Focus on Security & Integration

Our work is interdisciplinary. We provide technical guidance and execution, from requirements collection to implementation detail. Our competences span the full stack and those of security and automation.

Some of the languages we work in:

Some of the frameworks we are familiar with:

We have worked in the SDN space, the realm of personal data, and logistics to name a few. See our references for more details.

Open Source

We use Open Source internally at Port Zero and in our work. It means: